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Qualities of People with Numerology Number 3,12,21  & 30

The ruling planet for the number three people is- The Jupiter. People coming under numerology number three are the most playful. These people are social people, they love and long for socializing. Therefore, are active participants in chatting and talking. They are confident and are full of optimism. They see everything with a positive approach. They are cheerful, carefree, jolly, fun loving, and a happy go lucky creature.

They have a great imagination and creative powers too. Stuffed with artistic skills these people have immense enthusiasm and inspiration for everything they indulge in. They are self-motivated, help others by providing motivation. They have their own laws and ideals. They have exceptionally well at communication skills, writing, acting, and expressions. They enjoy conversing with others and use this as a powerful tool.

They do not like being serious all the time. Hence, they enjoy every moment of life with full zeal and energy. They are good in romance, love, and engaging. They are too religious and have respect for their traditions and value them. These people are soft-hearted, persevering, and sincere in their work. Adventure is a big part of their life.

There will be sympathy and warmth in their talk. They are ready to sacrifice for the good of others. Their talks are authoritative.

They have high self-esteem and are proud. When they receive any help from others, they feel there is some weakness in them. They dress well and like to take a leading part in social organizations. They have a wide circle of friends. They have morals and all good things attract them. They have a strong desire for peace and harmony. They are confident about their own ability and make their own decisions.

Their basic nature:

Their nature doesn’t include a theorem of being much organized or disciplined. They do not like taking leaderships to burden themselves with responsibilities. They are emotional and experience mood swings. They don’t like to remain alone, as they are a social animal. They do not target with full focus on anything they have in hand. They find difficulty while handling money matters. They distribute their stored energy in various tasks.

Thus, they land up in a creaky situation where they find hazy and confusing directions. Uncompleted tasks and projects make them sad. They are jealous and critical of others. Have a gossiping habit. They do not like people surface them for challenges. Or oppose them, as they are fond of pursuing their own ideas. They spend open-handedly; have no pride but a positive view of oneself.

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