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Qualities of People with Numerology Number 4,13,22 & 31

The planet ruling people of number four is Rahu (The head of Demon Snake). They are the ones with the most practical approach towards every phase of their life. They are a stoned believer of practicality, are a down to earth character, very much interested in finding the reason and details of everything they jump on. They are powerful and well-organized people and like doing things in a complete and proper way.

These people perform their plans, tasks, or schemes with a new approach and in a systematic way. They put hard and painstaking efforts in their work. They are trust worthy, reliable, worth making friendship and doing work with. One can risk upon them, as they show great signs of loyalty and honesty in their relationships. They provide help when needed and work for the benefit of this world. Therefore, they are nature lovers too. They do not disguise themselves and remain on their own identity.

They always like to be on time and strictly follow the code of discipline. These people are the pillar or the head of the things and the task they undertake in their hands. They are the fighters; they stick to their positions like glue and believe in not giving up easily. They are tireless, hardworking, and dedicated. These people accept the standards of traditions, values, and beliefs. They believe in competing for the impossible tasks. However, some negative traits are also shown by them, which at times become an obstruction in their growth and uplift.

Their basic nature:

They are always moody. When their mood is upset, it takes them a long time to recover from depression and regain cheerfulness.

They work long hours but regain little appreciation. Women born on this date will work hard at home and take the responsibilities for the whole family. They are trustworthy and earn a good reputation in society. These people at times can revolt and act stubborn. Strong in their nerves and believes they hard to drift. Their habit of going too much into details brings harms to them.

They are not very social so they find friends in lesser number. They are judgmental in approach and like dominating, ruling and handling people. They inspect situations more deeply and are careful while dealing with them. They follow the strict idea of seriousness, and this prevents them from being joyful, cool, and lighthearted. They do not like to break their hard shell of tough attitude and hence face difficulty in being humble.

These number people find problems in adapting to the environment and remain within their comfort zone. It becomes difficult for them to be in harmony. They are highly inefficient in expressing their feelings. Get so much involved in the lyrics of life that at times they miss the big opportunities. They are fast reacting and have a greater ego. They are very insecure towards their life and get driven by their desires easily.

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