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Qualities of People with Numerology Number 5,14 & 23

The ruling planet of number five people is the planet, Mercury. The special point of these people is that they are the most humble beings or flexible kind of people.  They have coolness in their temperament. They are friendly, soft and human-hearted. They can make a lot of friends. Have multiple skills and get well settled in their life.

They are capable of showing various kinds of talents. They are positive, encouraging, joyful, and reflect the motivation to others. These people are inspirational as well as are the source of motivation for others too. They are a master in communication, equipped with remarkable verbal skills. They have their own attractive nature and qualities.

They possess great power to form or change some one’s opinion. Also, they can sway people in no time. They are curious to find out everything related to their matter of interest. They are soft, enlightened, and full of valuable traits. They are fond of exploring life and gaining experiences. They do not mistake any enterprise that they can enjoy according to the astrological say. These people are multitasking and progress in whatever tasks they do. They do not like being free but work instead. They love changing course and levels of life. Being a freedom lover they show simplicity and innocence in their nature.

Their basic nature:

They are active and always like changes in the surroundings, ideas, dress, arrangement or furniture at home, friendship etc.

They assess everything in terms of money only. Their grasping power is fast. They love to travel. They have fluency in writing or speaking. They never lose heart when they try to confront failure. They easily overcome the same and choose another way. they earn well and spend on religious matters. They have faith in God. their inner advice is best to guide them.Undoubtedly these are trustworthy. They find a quick way even through most sticky situations or circumstances. This is a unique quality of them.

They have a less stable relationship. It is difficult for them to keep up a commitment say in their relations. As a result, they have many relationships in their bag. They find hardships in meeting deadlines. As they stay back when it comes to maintaining discipline and orderly manners in their tasks. They are a little impatient and easily get trapped into the web of nervousness and restless behavior.

They fall prey to attractive things and get distracted very soon. At times, they can show fast-reacting behavior. They get trapped in the web of pleasures of life and forget their real purpose. They get so much involved in them that they forget about their surroundings. Sometimes they turn irresponsible towards their work life.

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