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Qualities of People with Numerology Number 8,17 & 26

The planet ruling number eight people is –The Saturn. These people are the most powerful amongst all. Have a basket full of inspiration and positive vision. They are powerful and dominating in nature. These people believe in doing actions rather than just saying. Getting the result of their efforts they turn highly determined and focused.

They are slow but serious in their approach. They are much human at heart and full of humbleness. They work very hard and are committed workers. They believe in the theory of forgiveness, are open-minded, like changes, and are supple in their conduct. They look after the money matters very carefully and view all its circumstances. These people are self-disciplined. They have the capability to complete the task they choose for doing. They put them every effort to achieve big things in life. Life showers success, greatness, and a huge amount of wealth on them.

All the luxuries of life can be under their feet if they decide for them. And work continuously in their life. They judge people smartly and easily and are able to find out what sort of a person he/she is. They are the leaders in their life and can survive even in the worst situations. They have good management skills. Thus, they manage well in their success, wealth, and popularity with great ease.

They like being free, but they turn over dominating and dissatisfied when screwed up with limitations. They are timid, shy, and lack of passion and energy. They prefer loneliness and try to work alone. However, they are lonely from within and remain isolated from others yet, they have a strong heart.

Their basic nature:

Their brain is active and sharp. They weigh their speech carefully. They are patient and untiring. They work for long on a problem. they show an extreme sense of discipline and dutifulness. They are the solitary type. They love music but mostly melancholy. They are cautious about their future and take decisions thoughtfully. They are creative, productive and domineering. They usually feel lonely at heart. They are likely to be misunderstood.These people are stubborn and have low tolerance power.

They want immediate results of their efforts and sometimes behave in a confusing manner. These people believe in material and worldly values and stick to materialism. However, they have the power to attain success and wealth but are subjectable to lose these treasures. Since they have a high taste for luxuries they often fall prey to bad deeds. These people should utilize their gifts and powers for human benefits and community welfare. Many times in life, they encounter failures and delays in their plan.

They easily develop addictions, hatred, and isolation becoming still. They are a little immature at mind, and sometimes get trapped in the feeling of being unwanted. As a burden, they miss the essence of love from their life. They have a complex that people would reject, underestimate, ignore and leave them. They involve themselves into arguments but also befool the circumstances whenever required to do so. They opt for suicide when trapped by depression and uneasy situations.

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